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Welcome to CS Log Rescue & Furniture - a Veteran Owned business in Highland, Illinois. I build furniture and tabletops, provide surfacing and have lumber slabs available for sale. Lumber can be milled to your exact specifications with your logs or mine.

CS Log Rescue & Furniture

Hello fellow wood lovers, I’m Chuck, and I’m here for all your wood needs. I have made furniture for approximately 12 years, but became more interested in saving logs and using my Woodmizer sawmill to cut my own wood to create beautiful pieces along with selling my slabs to customers so they can create their own masterpieces. Along with this, I rent out my saw-milling service to customers and bring my sawmill to them and cut their logs for them to their specifications.


As of the beginning of 2023, I am now retired from aviation and am pursuing my passion for wood full time. I started this endeavor in 2021 as a side business and I really enjoy working with customers and helping them achieve their finished product.


About Chuck

I have worked in the aviation industry my whole life starting when I graduated from high school. I joined the Air Force to pursue aviation maintenance and continued this career with major airlines and ending with manufacturing airframes at Boeing. I have always loved working with my hands and building projects.


I am a self-taught woodworker; everything I have learned has been by trial and error and creating more complex pieces. I am always looking for new ideas and building, not only functional, but also pleasing-to-the-eye, unique furniture.



(952) 221-6902



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